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Bedeviled-Stallion50 has started a donation pool!
90 / 1,000
1-5:points: = 3 :+fav:
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I'm curious about points, and I want to try them out and see how they'll work.

I'll likely use them for donations and point commissions once I have a sufficient amount.

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Tekunin Megpoid
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United States
Current Residence: *CLASSIFIED*
Favorite genre of music: Almost All
Favorite style of art: Anime (What else?)
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Wallpaper of choice: Fatal Frame
Favorite cartoon character: Inuyasha
Personal Quote: Reality's full of shit.

And Much, Much More! :D

Also... I'm a :points: beggar... Aw me. :(


Well, this new art browsing for DA is... awkward at best, right now.

When I'm on someone's profile looking through their artwork, instead of having pages now, they have the continuous scroll-down mechanic. However, when the comments on the art page load, it's blocking the rest of the art from loading.

Let's hope this gets the tune-up it needs.
I know it's not New Year's Eve yet, but I feel like I need to get this off my chest.

2016. If it were a person who suddenly walked into my room right now, how would I greet it?...

How about "Fuck you!" for a start?

I swear, this year was among the worst that I've ever experienced. Not just for myself, but for others all around the world. Sure, there are some who saw this as a great year, and to them I say "Go fuck yourselves with a rusty old saw blade".

sigh Where to start...

Well, let me start with my personal feelings about our current generation of people. And holy shit, is it a fucking travesty.
Let's start that trend of misery with what used to be the true symbol of innocence, naivety, and boundless energy: the kids. I say "used to be" because now they're acting like nothing more than pre-pubescent, miniature adults when they don't have the fucking brains to understand what they're even doing and the consequences of their actions. I'll be perfectly honest; I'm a millennial, born in 2000, so I'm a part of this generation of kids, but never have I been so repulsed to witness how low this generation's society has plummeted when it comes to... everything. Long story short: I was born too fucking late. I mean, kids these days can get away with... shit, everything! At least when it comes to their parents. Oh, you cuss towards us disrespectfully? Alright. Oh, you strip down and twerk, grind, and make "sexy" faces and put it online? That's okay. Oh, you actually raped someone you know and got them pregnant? No big deal. Okay, so maybe I'm going a little too far outside the reality of it, but the feeling of that kind of shit is what it feels like. They are literally spoiled so much now that they can do whatever the hell they please and their parents wouldn't give the slightest of fucks.
Let's cut away from that nasty turd and focus on an even bigger pile of shit: society itself. To me, this has got to be the worst example of how deep we are in bullshit. How deep, you may ask? Well, on a technical point-of-view, we're practically drowning. This year should be considered "Year of the Triggered", because people these days get too worked up with ants in their pants that might as well be on fire when it comes to THE MOST trivial of things. Like, say, someone from this generation likes a video game that you absolutely hate. He talks about it to you non-stop, and you're tired of it, but you don't want to hurt his feelings. You tell him "Look, can we not talk about that game? I know you may like it, but I really, really don't." That won't really hurt his feelings, right? WRONG! He goes on the biggest tirade and reads you the riot act on how you're "wrong" and that the game is "the greatest" while you're sitting there not able to contemplate this shit. This is especially what goes on when talking about much more sensitive topics, like personal identification (which has become a fucking mess), feminism (which is going seriously fucking overboard; what happened to just having equal rights and opportunities?), and politics (don't even get me started with that congregation of brain dead & dickless morons). I can go on and on about how we've also got plenty of bullshit when it comes to intimacy, social behavior, and whatnot, but I feel like I should leave that up to you do decide whether or not you'd want to hear a long winded speech from one guy's perspective.

In fact, I'm not even going to say much about it. I'll give you a brief summary...

Business Practices: Holy hell, have companies become unfathomably greedy. They WILL do anything to bust your bank accounts.

Social Media: We are so much closer to having child pornography be considered acceptable with how the younger people are exploiting new sites when they pop up. Whatever happened to MySpace? Bring that back.

Politics: Fuck politics. I've always hated politics & politicians, I hate them now more than ever, and I don't feel like reciting how they are so far fucked up their asses that they literally have shit spewing out of their mouths.

Celebrities: I'm not gonna say a word about the one's that are living right now. How about the one's who have all died this year? David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman, & Prince, just to name a few. And please, if you feel like adding on to the list, please do so in a comment.

I could also go on a tirade about personal shit that has been going on with my life, but that's a journal entry for another day.

Fuck you, 2016. You were the absolute worst. You've got 4 days. Start packing up your fucking shit and GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

...then again, who's to say 2017 will be any better?
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First, my mods menu on Skyrim SE wouldn't work, and now my game refuses to even run.

And that was my favorite game... Chisaki Crying Icon 
Ok, so they fixed the issue of me not being able to post... anything.

But still, I'm getting an empty notification screen.

Fuck me... -_-


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Izaya: He's just really hot, honestly. I really like antagonists who are like this. He's so evil, but he's smart. I like how he's wearing dark colors, idk why but I just like that. That fur coat is fabulous. He's just irresistible. I don't understand why some people hate him. idk what else to put.

Yato: he's the funniest being in the world! He's so silly that I love it. He's also really cute too. He's also a main character, so that's good. Moar for meh XD I can't really explain further, but I can't explain why I like all of them anyway.. I can never get over Yato XD

Juuzou: He's so weird but cute at the same time. HIS VOICE IS ADORABLE. He's really weird... I don't know how to explain further.

Thank you for not commenting on my status update. Hope to spam you again~
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